Promotion of Mustafa Nayyem Conference

Humanity House organized the conference with Mustafa Nayyem. Brand New Ukraine helped to promote this event. The result – the sold out crowded hall and an unforgettable evening with Mustafa Nayyem.

President Yanukovych left office after months of Maidon protests were violently crushed, and a new more pro-European government led by Turchynov took power. Russia then annexed Crimea after a hasty referendum. Chaos and anarchy reign in the eastern region around Donetsk.

In ‘Ukraine: the Spring, the Chaos, the Future’, we look back and look ahead. What is going to happen now? Will political and social stability return or will instability continue? We look at the country itself and of course at the geopolitical significance.

About the speakers
Journalist and activist Mustafa Nayyem from Ukraine was involved in the Maidan protests in Kiev. Other speakers are Floris Akkerman (Russia correspondent for VPRO and de Correspondent), Fleur de Weerd (Ukraine journalist for Trouw among others) and Michiel Servaes (Member of Dutch parliament for the Labour Party and election observer on 25 May).

The debate will be chaired by Kirsten van den Hul.
In cooperation with Matrix Orange and infosprotyv Media NL (Brand New Ukraine)
With support of the embassy of Ukraine.

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