Commemoration ceremont MH 17  victims

Commemoration ceremont MH 17 victims

Dear friends, it is time to sum it up!
We are very grateful to everyone who joined the events on the Independence Day of Ukraine in the Netherlands. On the Independence Day, our Ukrainian community in the Netherlands and our Ukrainian friends gathered EUR 3,000 for charity in Ukraine.
Where will your money and donations go?
We tried to allocate funds between different organizations in order to help as many people as possible:
1. 400 EUR are transfered in order to purchase a wheelchair for the son of the fallen soldier.
2. 550 EUR are transfered to the Organization Help Army ORG for the material in order to sew 100 sets of thermo-underwear for soldiers.
3. 450 EUR are spent in order to purchase 130 sets of second hand thermo-clothing for the needs of military volunteers from Novovolyksk and other cities.
4. 1000 EUR is transferred to the non-profit organization”Oekrainers in Nederland” in order to purchase NATO first-aid kits (including Celox)
5. 600 EUR is spent on helmets. 4 helmet were aleady purchased and delivered.
We are very grateful to everyone for your help. Together we can significantly help our Motherland in these difficult times. Hope to see you soon

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