Midsummer’s Eve Celebration with X Factor Winner

Midsummer’s Eve Celebration with X Factor Winner

The Midsummer’s Eve Celebration with the performance of the “X-Factor” winner Aidy Nikolaichuk was a great success. More than 300 guests attended our event and we raised € 2,600 for different charities and projects in Ukraine.

The amount is divided among the following charities and organizations:
€ 1000 – Foundation Ukrainians in Netherlands to purchase an ambulance for the ATO area
€ 750 – The first voluntary mobile hospital Pirogova
€ 200 – Dutch-Ukrainian Foundation “Go for Peace” for children and adults with special needs
€ 250 – Foundation Sputnik to purchase ambulances
€ 200 – Medical First Aid Unit “Hippocrate” for first aid training dummies
€ 100 – Volunteer battalion Azov for the equipment of a soldier
€ 100 – to purchase diapers for a seriously ill son of the family of volunteers

The charitable Midsummer’s Eve celebration was successul thanks to the support and commitment of many organizations and volunteers: The Ukrainian International Airlines, Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, Foundation Ukrainians in the Netherlands, Voorhoeve Foundation, DJ and singer Kate Orange and many volunteers.
We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts to all sponsors, co-organizers and volunteers, but especially to each visitor who came to the Midsummer’s eve celebration and hereby supported these charitable projects in Ukraine.

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