St. Andrew Vechornyci`14

Dear friends,

Ukraine is going through difficult and anxious times. More than ever Ukrainians need your support – in word, deed, smile, song and common love for this country. So we would be happy to invite you to the first in the Netherlands “Ukrainian Charity Evening” – where you can immerse yourself in the Ukrainian culture and friendly atmosphere. Like in good old days we will gather at the traditional St. Andrew’s evening to retrieve the old Ukrainian traditions and fun with folk songs, funny competitions, the traditional Kalyta and varenyky. According to an old tradition, we will read fortune of unmarried girls and the young boys will compete to demonstrate their strength and intelligence. This evening nobody will get bored. Children can play at the play area and follow some workshops, while young adults can engage in merrymaking – because at the St. Andrew’s night everyone can go loose! You can enjoy the modern Ukrainian music from DJ Kate with special guests from Ukraine and a lot of live communication. Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of traditional St. Andrew’s evening with others who love Ukraine as much as you do. The raised money will go to charity purposes in Ukraine.
Entrance: € 10 (The money will be transferred to the charity projects in Ukraine)
Dress Code: Ukrainian style

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